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June 23, 2020
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I was interested in fitness and health before photography came along and although I didn’t follow the education path of that industry, I always wanted to put my interest and passion for it to good use as well as my degree in Business and Economics (not much of this is used flying a plane!). Fortune had it that just a few months after arriving in Hong Kong, as I was finding a decent gym to work out in (harder than I thought at the time!), and through my wife’s old school contacts, I met an expert in the Strength and Conditioning field, Tom Summers. He was also new to Hong Kong and also trying to find a decent space to call his workout home.


Pinnacle Performance co-founders Matt Jacob and Tom Summers


Long story short, we hit it off, had similar visions for what we wanted to do (Tom on the fitness side, me on the business side), where the niche was and how we pictured transforming health and fitness in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia – the entire area was underdeveloped in this subject and lagging when it came to education and user experience of this service-based industry. We were desperate to push aside all the fads and ‘quick fix’ gimmicks that seemed to saturate the market, and in the end just confuse and exploit the general public, and focus on hundreds of years of science, facts and simple reasoning.


At the start of 2014 came Pinnacle Performance.


6 years later we have 4 facilities, 2 in Hong Kong and 2 in the Philippines and without many many long days, sheer stubbornness, willingness to make mistakes and learn, and a general ethic/culture to know no bounds when it came to how hard we worked (and still do), we would not be here today, albeit a little battered and bruised from the unrest in Hong Kong and now the global pandemic.

Of course I could go on about all the support we’ve had, the people that have influenced us and all the things we have learnt along the way etc. etc. (maybe a future article!) and how amazing and better Pinnacle Performance is compared to the rest of the trash out there, but this piece is really about Tom. It’s a shout out to him and his inspirational mentality that has influenced me in my outlook on life, hobbies and what is important when it comes to utilisation of time and prioritisation of personal and professional responsibilities. His professionalism, diligence, humility, incredible work ethic and sound principles have without doubt helped me develop other areas of my life, not least of all my concept and outlook on photography.


Tom Summers and Matt Jacob at Pinnacle Performance


But just a little about Pinnacle Performance to provide some context…


We are an athlete training facility that partners with members to achieve results. We believe that there are no shortcuts, the only route to your pinnacle fitness is to: plan, relentlessly pursue that plan, and perform to the best of your ability each session. We hold this to be true no matter whether you are a professional office worker or professional athlete.

We exist to build fitter and healthier people in the communities we serve. In a world that promises quick wins and fad diets, we have built a sustainable, long term business by delivering realistic, factual, progressive achievements and education.

We deliver results. Our members don’t keep coming back because we have a fancy juice bar, they come to us because they get results time after time. We are able to do this because we employ the most qualified coaching talent (majority are Masters qualified and above) and we have built and refined a repeatable methodology that works, The Pinnacle Way.


Tom Summers and Matt Jacob at opening night


Tom Summers is my co-Director/Founder, CEO and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Pinnacle Performance Asia, and is an internationally accredited Coach with vast experience in many sports across the globe, such as cricket, rugby, golf and football, at both domestic and international level. An ‘Ironman’ himself, he has experience working with professional and elite performance athletes in numerous sports for 2 decades, being responsible for the complete athletic development of current performing international sports men and women, including international cricketers, English football players, Great British rugby league players and Olympic and Commonwealth athletes.

Tom is certified by the main international governing bodies for ‘Strength and Conditioning’ (UKSCA and NSCA) combined with industry recognised qualifications in complete athlete development. He has a postgraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and has produced scientific research articles for a multitude of elite institutions.

He is also the co-owner and CEO of multiple Pinnacle gyms in Hong Kong and the Philippines…


Pinnacle Performance co-founder Tom Summers


6 years of Pinnacle life and nearly a decade of knowing Tom, we still work together on a daily basis, him as CEO and myself CFO, but our roles have evolved and management qualities changed dramatically over this period. Our passion hasn’t died one bit and we are dedicated to changing lives through our model, not just in Hong Kong but throughout Asia and hopefully one day the world.

Tom is a pleasure to work alongside and partner with still – one only wishes that we had more ‘mate’ time together rather than so much time spent discussing and working on Pinnacle agendas. But that’s where we work best and it’s an honour to continue to represent our fantastic creation alongside him, and a continued inspiration throughout other ways of life and extensions of our entrepreneurial bug. He has taught me more than he knows, and it’s a privilege to be able to use many of these lessons and examples with my other professions and interests.

Find more information about Tom just through google searches, but you can find his bio on our Pinnacle site (here) and more fun features on our Pinnacle social media pages (@pinnacleperformancehk) as well as his own (@pinnacle_Tom).


Tom Summers and Matt Jacob after a workout