Photography for me is the essence of perception. It's about finding something in what could be seen as nothing - not so much about what you see but a lot more about the way you see it. Photography then becomes an art when the perception of an image stirs emotion within the viewer - when they are able to look at a photo for just a second but it lasts with them forever....
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Matt Jacob is a photographic artist who specialises in capturing the evocative, dynamic, and complex lives of his subjects. With an extraordinary focus on authentically encapsulating a moment from all metaphorical angles within a photograph, and a story over a collection, Matt has dedicated his passion and skills to truly understanding the essence of different perspectives, as well as understanding the ‘why’ behind different forms of human nature.

Matt’s humble journey began as a young boy with a disposable Kodak camera and a dream to become a pilot. Little did he know that those two things would culminate to reality after many twists and turns. His outlook on life completely changed when he was diagnosed with cancer at a young age of 20 whilst at University. It was during this time in his life when he realised what it meant to be truly alive - it was about just a series of moments; watching, understanding and creating snapshots in life that will last forever. Naturally, his love for photography was cemented.

In 2013, what was once a disposable camera and a dream became a reality - he bought his first ‘real’ camera for achieving his dream aviation job. The world opened up before his eyes, both literally and figuratively. Matt’s travels continue to take him to the new and unknown and he became exposed to cultures and backgrounds beyond the life he knew.

His story is just one of many, and there’s plenty of untold stories in the world.

Matt’s fearlessness in capturing his subject’s story is what makes his photographs standout. To this day, he captures the untold stories of unfamiliar life.

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