The Art of Photography in my Life

September 7, 2020

photo courtesy of © Gaz Jones Photography

The art of photography has always been a crucial aspect in my life. Ever since I held my first disposable Kodak camera, creating art through photography became a vital role in making me who I am today.


A trip down memory lane…

I spent most of my twenties trying everything I could afford or had the time to do. I love keeping myself busy either by immersing myself in a new hobby or venturing in a new business. Aside from being a full-time professional pilot, I always played sport from a young age, but detoured more from the status quo of it when flying took hold of my schedule, and I got into learning new skills and interests; my obsession with travel aside, I have been big into scuba diving for 20 years now (but only more recently the taking of photos underwater), and above the surface am professionally qualified in coffee holding the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma. I also take much interest in wine and in the last 6 years have co-founded and managed 4 gyms across Southeast Asia (see Inspiration article on Pinnacle here).


Matt Jacob Pilot

Matt Jacob Scuba Diving

Matt Jacob Coffee Making


That’s my life. Always busy, always up to something.

Whichever ‘passion’ I turned to though, there was always one common denominator: how creative can it be, and can art be a part of it. More specifically, the art of photography – it just seems to be ingrained in everything that I do.



Art affects everyone on a personal level and in varying degrees. In my case, the art of photography has affected me more ways than I can count, but my top three would definitely have to be:


Photography connects me to the world

As with language, photography is a tool and conduit for communication. It provides me with a means of expressing what I do not completely understand or able to convey. Photography allows me to express feelings, ideas and dreams which could not be expressed in any other way.


It tells my story

Photography has the capability to elicit powerful emotions and to tell meaningful stories. Every photo I take is a piece of the subject’s story and a piece of mine. The way I photograph shows how I perceive and depict a moment in time, life, location or a subject’s state of mind. Look closely and you will find two stories in each photograph.


It empowers me

Photography empowers me daily. It’s a strong driving force that has fueled me to achieve my dreams even when the odds were against me. This is the reason why photography was always simmering below the surface whatever it was I was doing.


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